What do you do when plans change:

  1. you adapt by using tried and trusted methods
  2. get upset, angry or overwhelmed



Change happens……so be PREPARED! Think about other times things have not gone to plan and reflect on how the situation could have been different if you had a PLAN B. This is so important to reduce stress, so make time to put in place some realistic strategies that will work as your PLAN B.



What’s important? Yes it is annoying when plans change but allowing the negativity to flow on through your day will not help anything else. Do not let the changed plans become the most important factor of the day. Using your PLAN B – refocus and move on.



Learn through experience. If it is the same situation or the same person that alters plans, then restrategise so that you don’t make the same plans again. This will put you in the position of making arrangements that are more solid and less likely to be changed.

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